RapidFit Boots - CON880

RapidFit Boots

Made from clear tough polycarbonate these RapidFit boots won't bend like rubber ones so they make a hard extension on the end of your connectors to prevent cables from bending and fraying.

(Model: CON880)

RapidFit Contractors Crimp Tool - TOO995

RapidFit Contractors Crimp Tool

Contractor's RapidFit Ratchet Crimp Tool with a handy extra cutter for round cables.

(Model: TOO995)

RapidFit PRO Ratchet Crimp Tool - TOO998

RapidFit PRO Ratchet Crimp Tool

Professional RapidFit Ratchet Crimp Tool with an ergonomically designed longer handle so less pressure is required for each crimp.

(Model: TOO998)

RapidFit RJ45 Connectors & Tools

Full Range of CCTV Equipment enclosures and brackets designed to keep your CCTV system safe & secure from unauthorised access and accidental damage.

RapidFit Range

A superb range of CCTV products

... and a firm favourite with the UK CCTV trade.